Gerald Pape helped me so many ways with my self-development that it is difficult to describe it in sparse sentences. But I try….

A few months ago by accident i became attentive to the submission of Mr. Pape. As I know today this was one of my best decisions in my life.

During our first interview i was impressed by his calm charisma and his professionalism. His empathetic way of questioning made it astounding easy to open up myself completely. It still surprises me how easy it was to commit him information that not even my closest friend know.

Especially my self-confidence and my self-esteem were low in case of private and job-related problems. Thereby during the last 20 years a neurodermatitis developed that broke out extremly in stress situations.

After a lot of sessions, clearing “brownfields” my self-confidence and my self-esteem became stronger and solid. Now I can look to the future positively and confident as I could never before in my life.

The greatest surprise for me is that in case of this positive movement my body’s natural self healing powers got boosted. My neurodermatitis is gone and I can’t tell how happy I am being symptom-free after so many years. This is the very best of all.

I know that I still have to take further steps in this direction, but with Mr. Pape as coach by my side, it will become an enjoyable walk.

I am looking forward and I take the chance to say thank you to him for his help in the past and future.

Eveline Klotz
Self-contained Consultant


As sport and riding pedagogue I conduct management trainings with my Iceland horses for more than seventeen years. Therapeutic riding with children and teenager is another main part of my profession.

Sometimes an even experienced trainer and coach needs support for clearing of some problems, supervision and self-reflection. What would be more natural than to contact a professional coach that you trust. For me Gerald Pape is the coach that I trust.

His high professionalism enables him to offer several formats for different way of looking at a problem and for changing the point of view. This helped me to find approach to solving my problem and to transfer the solution.

Gerald Pape is always completely focused on me and my question.

I really appreciate his friendly emanation, his empathy and his cautionary exposure with me as his client. He always ensures a relaxed atmosphere to make me feel very comfortable. The delightful and bright consulting rooms have a hand to this relaxed feeling too.

With the help of Gerald Pape I received many useful impulses helping me to follow my way.

Thank you for that.

Stephanie Kuhl
Coach and Therapist (riding)