I am always focused on the person – means on you.

For this I have a holistic approach that is focusing you as a whole. We analyze where and in which way you are engaged, embedded in the surrounding systems like the business world, the family or friends.

My role is being the mediator between your question and the inside yourself existing answer. Together we open the door to your individual way of change.

  • We meet each other in your actual life situation and escort you step by step on your way to wanted changes. May that be new targets or new, changed pattern of living.
  • I always work target-oriented. That means my coaching and my advice is detailed focused on your Question. It is very important that you are enabled to use the new experience and cognition immediate in your daily life.
  • Your successful personal growth in all areas of life affects the achievement of our cooperation. In relation to your partnership as well as your health, your family or your business world.
  • In my workshops I want to give you some advice that you can use immediately in your daily life. Some of the offered contents are
    • Cognition: What do we sense and in which way…?
    • Values: What in my life is important for me…?
    • Beliefs: What is driving me and what is restraining me in my life…?