Personnel Coaching

In this case I am in charge by the company management to deliver personal coaching for one or multiple employees. The assumption of cost is done by the ordering company.

Basic principle for any successful coaching is the faithful teamwork between coach and client. Coaching is always done by choice, even though it is organized by the company.

After the noncommittal initial consultation the client decides whether to go ahead with this coaching or not. The content of the coaching is always confidential and the coach is sworn to secrecy. The coaching session should take place outside the company to avoid disruptions.

In either case my suggestion is to arrange so called “practice days”. This is to enable me to follow the client during his daily work and to give a convenient feedback.

Usually a business coaching takes about 10 sessions with about 1,5 hours for each session. Follow-up meetings are arranged during the coaching sessions.

Naturally a different length or number of sessions can be arranged as well as the company for longer time.