Metapher des Monats

The fairy tale of "endowing"

A long time ago on this earth lived a people in small offside placed village. The people where good, friendly and greeted everybody. One could only see happy faces. They always had a smile in their face.

These people loved to endow warm and soft little furs to each other. Everybody carried a bag above his shoulder that was filled with these furs to endow them to others. This told the others every time: "I like you." And whenever you get offered a little fur and you can feel how soft and warm it is, you feel yourself respected and esteemed. Therefore the life of this little people was happy and bright.

Outside the village in a dark cave lived a big green leprechaun. He was displeased with the happiness of the people and form him this fur endowing was nonsense.

One evening the leprechaun met a little man from that village. The man smiled happy and provided a fur to the leprechaun. The leprechaun browsed around to be sure nobody can hear him and then he whispered in the man's ear: "Listen! Don't you know that when you always endow your furs you will finally have no fur left?" The man faced the leprechaun shocked. His smile disappeared and fright could be seen in his face. The leprechaun continued whispering: "be careful with endowing before you're losing all your furs!" - That the furs wouldn't become less because all people are endowing them to each other the leprechaun concealed.

Concerned the man followed his way and the first person he met he advised to be careful with his fur reservoir and stop endowing to avoid to lose the furs. When he met other people he explained: "I am very sorry, but I can't give you a warm and soft fur. I have to take care that I don't run out of them."

The next morning the news was spread all over the village. Everybody has started to save his furs. One still endowed furs, but very careful and seldom. The little people started to observe each other mistrustful and they hide their furs. Disputes raised about the question who owns the most furs. No one endowed his furs anymore. They bartered the furs for other goods. The people bickered about the amount of their trading goods. Everybody wanted to have as much furs as possible and to trade them with profit. The result of this was: The little people changed their characteristics and the former luck was gone. It even happened that some people became sick and finally died.

First the leprechaun was satisfied with his success and he was smiling. But, when he now approached to the village no one was greeting him friendly anymore. No more smile was shining to him and nobody offered him a warm and soft little fur. He was observed mistrustful by everybody instead. The happiness has left the village and the people. Everything was grey and cold. Then the leprechaun said to himself: "I took away the peoples happiness thus I only wanted to show them the real world."

After a time some people started by and by again to endow warm and soft furs to each other. And every time it made the donor and the presentee happy. Maybe that's why it is much more nicer and important to get a warm and soft fur the more coldness and calousness are around.

The endowing of furs never became up to date in that village for all people. Because only a few realized that can go on with endowing without losing their reservoir.

If you stop endowing,
You stop loving.
If you stop loving,
you stop growing.
If you stop growing,
you stop to crown yourself...

Michel Quoist

Therefore endow