Life Coaching

Down mentioned you will find some life situations I can support you with their coverage.

Depressive annoyances

Your daily duties seem to become insuperable mountains. To make decisions takes you a lots of effort and work. You have sleep disorders. Your life seems to be bleakly and cheerless.


You are frightened but you can’t really say of what. You have exam nerves. You have heavy stage fright.

Partnership troubles

You have many quarrels. It seems that you live different lives. You get bored with each other. Maybe one of you has an affair. The smallest foibles of your partner are driving you crazy.

Handling of detachment/divorce

You stand helpless upfront the shambles of your partnership. You are unable to find a solution about your kids. You get guilt out. You want to leave that valley of tears to be free for a possible, new love.


You are often tired and you feel sleep-deprived. You have problems to fall asleep and you often awake in the night. You feel broke up, powerless and without energy.

Indications like Headache, Backache, Dizzy,

That are still lasting thus you have visited your doctor

Wearing changes in your life

You have lost your job, or your life partner. You grieve for the death of a relative or a friend. You became sick. An associated person became sick.

Impending change of your job surrounding

You are affected by the reorganization of your job, your company. You get bullied at work and you see no way out. You have to decide for you will take over a new duty or not.