The health is that area for which your source is keeping one of your most important resources ready for you. Your self-healing capacities!

A sickness usually stands for an unsolved problem or for displaced, downtrodden emotions. Let’s figure out together which unsolved problems or displaced emotions have negative impact to your health.

As soon as we have found and identified your “disease agents” we activate your self-healing capacities to start healing yourself. For this we have a broad spectrum of methods and tools available.

According to your personal situation we decide which possibilities we will use. Down mentioned you find some of the adaptive Methods:

  • trance – deep relaxation to activate your self-healing capacities
  • negotiation reframing – We ask for the positive aim of your sickness
  • history change – we change the mental maps of the causing situation
  • phobia work – we delete anxiety disorders in all kinds of Phobia (fear of flying, spiders, rats, narrow rooms, fear of heights