How to proceed…

In our first, charge free one-on-one interview

We become acquainted with each other. You describe your initial situation. You decide in which cases you need my support as coach. According to your concern we discuss our common course of action. Additional you get informed about the general conditions like charge, number and duration of the sessions.

If you agree we arrange a first work session.

At our first working session

We talk detailed about your actual situation, your wishes and objectives. Here we define the essential issues and the core topics of your life situation. We review in which way I can help you. At the end of this session you affirm or adjust the continuation of your cooperation with me as your coach.

During the follow-up appointments

We begin with our common adaption and converting your topics. Therefore several methods, matching to your needs will take place. We always will work goal-oriented.

The closure

is as important as all other parts of the coaching process. We reflect the workflow and evaluate our mutual work. You verify and decide which of the available tools (methods) you will further use to grant your success sustainable.